We provide funding for essential items that are not always covered by the city’s budget

President's Message

Dear Supporters,

We are well into the calendar year 2021 and as we all know, trying to put the Covid-19 pandemic behind us! Our mission has not changed and the RPSF continues to seek continuing support from our recurring donors and to seek new members as well.

2021 has seen growing participation from many dedicated members of our community. We recently held our 4th Annual Golf Tournament at Whitney Oaks Golf Course and its was a huge success in helping to fund our Foundation going forward. I hope that those who participated in this year’s event will return in 2022 and I encourage other members in the community to join us in September 2022.

Your donations this year have helped us sponsor the annual City of Rocklin Patriot Day event in Quarry Park, honoring those who have served our Country, first responders, and commemorating 9-11. We will, again, sponsor this event in September 2022 and look forward to your bringing your family and friends to enjoy a full day of entertainment, police and fire demonstrations, and good eats!

Your donations have provided Decontamination Chambers for our Fire Department, saving lives of firefighters whose cancer rates are 46% higher than the general public. Additionally, we have been able to support our K-9 team with a local training facility, drones that provide quick response time and less costly deployment of limited resources in locating lost children, fugitives, and so much more!

Take a few minutes to review this website and please consider making a donation to help make our community a safe and enjoyable place to live! 

Stu Lehman

President, Rocklin Public Safety Foundation