We provide funding for essential items that are not always covered by the city’s budget

Founded in 2011 as The Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, our organization was established to support public safety and community programs that enhance the quality of life in the City of Rocklin. 

Following our first major fundraiser, we were able to secure funds for the acquisition and training of K9 Officer Immo.

As the organization evolved, its purpose began to shift. We believed that to maintain a safe community, we must support Public Safety, ensuring that the Rocklin Police and Fire Departments have the resources necessary to accomplish their missions.

In 2016, we began conducting business as the Rocklin Public Safety Foundation (RPSF), to distinguish our fundraising mission from the volunteer work carried out by the Rocklin Police and Fire Volunteers. Since then, the Foundation has focused on the acquisition of physical assets for the Rocklin Police and Fire Departments.

Since its inception, the RPSF has raised funds to provide vital resources such as three K9 and five LIDAR guns for the Rocklin Police Department, as well as tactical gear for the Rocklin Fire Department. The RPSF has supported the Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers by sponsoring many of their community programs.